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The gathering storm
Vikram Sood
30 October 2014
It is a troubled world that we live in today. However, so far India has been a sea of tranquility and it is too early to say if there is a link between the storm brewing on both flanks, but the security agencies, indeed the entire country, have a task on their hands.
Why is Chinese investment in India so low?
Peter Martin
30 October 2014
China invested more than USD 100 billion overseas last year alone. Its cumulative investments in Myanmar total USD 14.2 billion. The real question is why Chinese investment in India has lagged so far behind. Political mistrust is certainly a large part of the answer.
China in Lanka
C. Raja Mohan
29 October 2014
As a rising China becomes the most important extra-regional partner for India's neighbours, India cannot simply wish away the Chinese influence in the subcontinent. The only way to limit the scope and structure of China's security profile is to expand India's own cooperation, including in the defence domain, with all neighbours.
Escalating tension is not good for either India or Pakistan
29 October 2014
The tensions between India and Pakistan have to be seriously examined and ways and means to bring back normalcy should be worked out and implemented. India stands to lose much more if terrorist organisations are deployed in various cities in the country at a time of Pakistan's choice.
Negotiating the G20 Brisbane summit
Abhirup Bhunia and Geethanjali Nataraj
29 October 2014
The Australian presidency of the G20 has witnessed a focus on the fundamentals: trade, tax issues, infrastructure, employment and banking.
Pakistan trending towards collapse
Manoj Joshi
28 October 2014
Since 1991, India has pursued a policy of engaging Pakistan, regardless of what the latter has thrown at us - bombs, terror assaults, fedayeen. Maybe the time has come to change course ? not by reaching out to the military or taking recourse to tit-for-tat covert war. But by encouraging the peaceful breakup of Pakistan.
Modi and Jokowi
C. Raja Mohan
28 October 2014
New Delhi is yet to get its defence engagement with Jakarta in shape. Through the decade-long UPA rule, Delhi and Jakarta had been talking about expanding bilateral defence cooperation. But progress had been rather slow thanks to the government's dysfunctional defence policies.
India, Iran and the story of Chabahar
Ravi Joshi
27 October 2014
After over a decade of declared intentions, India has finally decided to put money on the strategically important Chabahar project. It's a sad story of how bold intentions of leaders were stalled by the different perspectives in different ministries of the Government itself.
Four Walls and a Bubble: Coal and the ABC of India's energy security
Sunjoy Joshi
27 October 2014
In all the hype and hyperbole about what to do with coal blocks, the plain fact is that the real danger lies in our coal reserves turning valueless for the country, of no benefit to the owner - the people of the land. They will be value less if we don't extract them before they turn un-burnable by climate action a few decades from now.
Iran and India's road to Afghanistan
C. Raja Mohan
27 October 2014
Delhi and Tehran must now sit down with the new government in Kabul to negotiate trilateral trade and transit agreements that will ensure an early realisation of all economic and strategic benefits that the Chabahar project promises.
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