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Fighting the Islamic State, without a strategy
Ravi Joshi
24 September 2014
Does Obama really intend to defeat, disrupt and dismantle the ISIS terror structure or will he simply guide them away from Iraq and Turkish borders towards Damascus.
Asim Umar: A new actor in the world jihadist stage
Isha Sharma
24 September 2014
The 'old boys' network has given Asim Umar an extensive reach among the jihadi groups active in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He can tap into the Taliban network with as much ease as he could work with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.
India, China still have big problems between them
Manoj Joshi
20 September 2014
Notwithstanding the friendly rhetoric and promises of Chinese investment, India and China still have big problems between them. The biggest, as Narendra Modi's remarks at the press interaction noted, is the border.
Will BJP draw correct lessons from the electoral setbacks?
T.V. Rajeswar
20 September 2014
Commentators across the country have put their fingers on the issue on which the BJP erred, which resulted in such a setback in the byelections. The people of the country look up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a harbinger of peace, progress and development.
India-China trade ties hindered by border disputes, mistrust
Geethanjali Nataraj & Richa Sekhani
20 September 2014
Prime Minister Modi has succeeded in adding a new zest and meaning to India-China relations with the visit of the Chinese President. However, it is evident that the full potential in trade and other areas of cooperation would not be realised unless peace and tranquility is restored on the border.
Neither warmongers nor wimps
Britta Petersen
20 September 2014
Driven by the dramatic events in the Ukraine, a far-reaching process has started, in Germany and in other European countries. For this time, the European Union is on the right path.
Digital strategies for disaster management: Lessons from Kashmir
Mahima Kaul
19 September 2014
The Kashmir floods have exposed our communication faultlines. Why is there no disaster management plan in the case of a communication blackout? This is perhaps even more pertinent given that the remote corners of India, be they coastal, mountainous or otherwise, are not well connected to modern telecom networks.
Xi's India trip: Time for a reality check
Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
18 September 2014
As Xi and Modi meet in first Ahmedabad and then in New Delhi, India has political and strategic issues that it will want China to respond to - the contested border and territorial issues, China-Pakistan cooperation on nuclear, missile, maritime and border infrastructure issues.
India - A counterweight to the rise of China
Manoj Joshi
17 September 2014
China has a somewhat limited aim to keep India as a neutral in their real battle that for pre-eminence in East Asia, where they are pitted against the Japan-US combine. India has no real stakes in the conflict, and it is not as if Japan supports the Indian position on our borders with China or Jammu & Kashmir. Yet, New Delhi needs to handle the issue with a great deal of care.
Sabarmati Summit
C Raja Mohan
17 September 2014
Hard-nosed realists around the world are impressed with Modi's diplomatic flair seen during his visits to Nepal and Japan. But they ask if Modi can go beyond the atmospherics and bring about a substantial change in the relationship with China. Here again, Modi has the opportunity to introduce change.
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