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Expressing concern: India's balancing act on Gaza
Kanchi Gupta
28 August 2014
India has moderated its position on the Israel-Palestine conflict over time, exchanging statements of condemnation for those "expressing concern". But behind India's strategic balancing act there also lies a precise domestic calculus.
Time for India to set priorities in South Asia
N Sathiya Moorthy
26 August 2014
India does not have much time left to set its priorities right, whatever they be. If nothing else, it cannot afford to 'tire out' its neighbours, who can then choose their own, individual course.
The European Union as a security actor: View from India
Samir Saran
25 August 2014
What is a security actor and how is it different from being a great or major power? In many ways, this question is central to understanding the lack of appreciation of the European Union as an actor in the security arena in India and certainly in some other parts of Asia.
Making friends with the middle
C. Raja Mohan and Rory Medcalf
25 August 2014
Building a set of flexible Asian coalitions that do not include America or China should become a critical element of India's strategy of coping with the historic power shift in Asia and the uncertain evolution of US-China relations.
No table for three
C. Raja Mohan
21 August 2014
As the NDA government recalibrates India's Kashmir and Pakistan policies, Delhi must do a much better job explaining the logic behind the cancellation of the foreign secretary talks, widely seen as abrupt.It must let the international community, especially Pakistan's friends, including the US, China and Saudi Arabia, know India is not abandoning the peace process with Islamabad.
Modi-Abe Summit: Need for a breakthrough
K.V. Kesavan
21 August 2014
Given the fact that both Modi and Abe enjoy commanding parliamentary strength and that they will stay in power for fairly long periods of time, their personal equations should enable them to work out a roadmap for the bilateral partnership based on mutual economic and strategic interests.
Widening communal fault lines pose challenge to Modi govt
Niranjan Sahoo
21 August 2014
Compared to an average 100,000 incidents annually in the 1980s and 1990s, India witnessed only 72,126 communal riots in 2013. Thus, overall there has been a drastic reduction in communal riots. Yet, these macro statistics do not reveal the changing nature of communal violence and their intensities.
Assessing Indo-US defence ties
Manoj Joshi
20 August 2014
A lot of the things are hanging in the air because Indo-US relations are doing so as well. Given India's reticence in giving any kind of political shape to the partnership with the US, Washington is understandably stringing New Delhi along with promises. Modi's forthcoming visit to Washington DC could be an opportunity to move forward in some of the issues
Modi's ports
C. Raja Mohan
20 August 2014
Modi needs a credible domestic strategy to ramp up India's maritime infrastructure. A strategy of seeking multiple partners for India's maritime development would help Modi end New Delhi's current defensiveness on China's Maritime Silk Road initiative.
Indications of industrial revival
Jayshree Sengupta
19 August 2014
On the job creation front, there is need for higher manufacturing growth and the creation of 'decent' jobs and not just menial jobs of security guards and peons as around 10 million people will be enter the job market each year over the next decade.
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