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The IS threat: India is not on the frontline
Manoj Joshi
04 August 2015
India need not be concerned over the Islamic narrative in the country which, in any case, has produced a remarkable quiescent Muslim community in an era of turmoil in the Islamic world. What the Union Home Ministry needs to worry about are the growing instances of communal violence in the country in the past year.
God and the ballot: Religion and voting patterns in America
Monish Tourangbam
03 August 2015
The US constitution builds a wall of separation between the church and the state, interpreted as prohibiting the state from meddling into the affairs of the church and vice versa. However, this constitutional provision cannot negate the church's influence in impacting who gets elected as President.
Putting life first: Rethinking the hypocrisy at Addis
Samir Saran
03 August 2015
When more than a third of the world's population does not live to see 40 on average, it is clear that securing the right to life for these people should be the only priority of global developmental processes. Can there ever be any shared values, if there is no agreement on the fundamental right to life?
Can LTTE win or lose elections one more time?
N. Sathiya Moorthy
03 August 2015
In Sri Lanka, whoever wins or loses the parliamentary polls, and whoever forms the government afterward, it's President Maithripala Sirisena who would be at the centre of all post-poll politics over the ethnic issue, political solution and 'accountability issues' of the UNHRC kind.
Go slow on the Kabul Express
Manoj Joshi
03 August 2015
India lacks resources and direct access to Afghanistan, but it can derive some comfort from the fact that, if the past is any guide, you can always trust Islamabad to give us the opening through its propensity to overreach.
Spurt in domestic demand needed to fuel growth
Jayshree Sengupta
01 August 2015
A spurt in domestic demand can prove to be the most important impetus for growth of the Indian economy in 2015-16. Then India will not have to be reliant entirely on export led growth. China is also following this strategy as its dependence on the global economic forces have gone beyond its control.
Impact of the same-sex marriage ruling on US elections
Vidisha Mishra
01 August 2015
Although the issue of same-sex marriage may have been settled legally with the Supreme Court verdict, politically, it remains volatile. Since the ruling, reactions of the 2016 Presidential candidates have been deeply polarised, indicating the potential of the issue to become a determining factor in the run-up to 2016.
The Iran deal: Will it have an impact on US elections?
Uma Purushothaman
31 July 2015
As the US Congress scrutinises the Iran accord, partisanship on Capitol Hill might reach new heights and it will capture headlines. Whether Congress passes the Iran deal or not, it will loom large in the election debates because of its connection to American and Israeli national security, though it is unlikely to be a real game changer in the elections.
China's Taliban
C. Raja Mohan
31 July 2015
If New Delhi lets domestic political passions overwhelm the need for a carefully crafted strategy towards Pakistan, it will find the Afghan dynamic will soon make matters a lot more difficult for India.
Our crumbling judicial system
Deepak Sinha
31 July 2015
The judicial system of India has much to be proud of, but unfortunately, providing justice is not one of them, more so, if you happen to be one of the 'aam janta' (common people). If the judiciary and its other elements have not heard the clarion call to action, they may soon be in the unfortunate position of finding themselves not just ignored, but even worse, treated as irrelevant.
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