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ISIS: Neither death cult nor just a terror group
Deepak Sinha
13 July 2015
The IS, despite its defeats on the battle field and losses suffered from air attacks, is far from neutralised and is probably gaining volunteers internationally. The problem with the international community's approach is that it has projected the group as a purely terrorist organisation.
Vietnam and America, 40 years on
Darshana Baruah
13 July 2015
Possible maritime cooperation with Vietnam and the US - a collaboration unimaginable until very recent times - will strengthen India's current approach to multilateral engagement to secure its strategic interests in the Indo-Pacific.
Maldives: Reconciliation hopes remain despite cancellation of third-round talks
N Sathiya Moorthy
10 July 2015
In Maldives, despite a last-minute 'cancellation' of the third round of talks between the Government and the MDP leader of the combined Opposition, there is nothing to suggest that the current reconciliation process has derailed, irrecoverably.
Al-Qaeda, ISIS and India's challenges
Vikram Sood
10 July 2015
There are two epicentres of terrorism today. One is in the AfPak region, a byproduct of the Cold War. Another epicentre which has risen in the recent times is in West Asia, which in some ways represents the first post-Cold War conflict between various competing forces.
How we can save the nation's farmers
Manoj Joshi
10 July 2015
India got a reality check recently when newspapers splashed the shocking conclusions of the first Socio-Economic and Caste Census since 1934. The message from the numbers is obvious: India has to resolve some very basic issues within before it can aspire to be any kind of power, regional or global.
Need for bold steps towards Japan-ROK reconciliation
K.V. Kesavan
09 July 2015
The Republic of Korea will be carefully scrutinising the up-coming Abe's August statement commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Koreans expect Abe to come out with a clear statement that expresses Japan's contrition and proposes a new framework for reconciliation.
Russia's ISIL challenge in the North Caucasus
Kanak Gokarn
09 July 2015
Russia has been dealing with extremism within its borders for several years. So it is not exactly unprepared for whatever threat ISIL currently poses. However, there is a degree of complacency that has set in.
How the civil war in Yemen came about
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
09 July 2015
While the Arabs tend to blame the West for their troubles with some reason, much of the blame they have to shoulder themselves. The Arab world is in turmoil mainly because of undemocratic regimes, lack of institutions, the absence of a spirit of scientific enquiry and societies that have yet to adjust to the 21st century.
Super PACs and campaign fundraising: Sky is the limit
Monish Tourangbam
08 July 2015
The amount of money which are expected to be raised and spent in the campaigns leading to the US Presidential elections of 2016 are being seen as unprecedented. At the centre of this complex cycle between big money and US election campaigns are the new breed of organisations called the Super PACs.
Will the Chinese anti-corruption campaign succeed?
Mahalakshmi G
08 July 2015
For over a year, China is running a huge anti-corruption campaign. More than 1,82,000 officials have been punished, including high ranking military officials, four national leaders and senior executives of state companies. However, this type of arbitrary and high-handed posture could backfire and become a catalyst for political crisis if it continues in the present way.
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