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Like Sisyphus, gold mountain too high to scale
Sandeep Bamzai
09 November 2015
The NDA Government has launched a fresh gold monetisation scheme, but skeptics aren't convinced that this will succeed where others in the past have failed abysmally. Till the scheme is made much more lucrative and perhaps mandatory in some form, it is doubtful that this scheme will perform better than the earlier ones.
Myanmar's elections: What happens next?
K. Yhome
07 November 2015
For most people, Myanmar's Sunday election is about change for the better. But there is much at stake than just winning. What impacts will the election have on the socio-political fabrics of the country at a time when there are growing societal divides on religious and ethnic lines.
Trilateral Summit: A long journey to reconciliation in Northeast Asia
K.V. Kesavan
07 November 2015
The revival of the trilateral mechanism between China, Japan and South Korea only forms the first important step in the long journey to reconciliation in Northeast Asia which calls for mutual understanding and accommodation of each other's interests, and statesmanship of the highest order on the part of the leaders at the helm.
Modi should shed role of sole vote gatherer
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
06 November 2015
PM Modi must shed the self-acquired role of the sole, vote gatherer. He needed this image to overcome inner-party contestation and become the Prime Minister. Today, this image is a handicap. On this score, ironically, Modi could usefully emulate the laidback, apolitical Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.
Marco Rubio: Return of the Republican Savior ?
Sylvia Mishra
06 November 2015
Whilst the US presidential polls are never about foreign policy issues, the 2016 elections would be markedly different and foreign policy is going to be central to the elections. And Marco Rubio's ability to articulate the message of America's international leadership will sustain him in the long race to the Oval Office.
Are combat roles for women suitable in Army and Navy?
Deepak Sinha
06 November 2015
Allowing women in combat roles in the Air Force is very different from such deployments in Navy or Army. This is mainly because, while the Air Force can ensure their selective employment on tasks within our borders, the same does not hold true for naval ships or more so for the Army.
India-Africa Forum Summit: A new vision and a new strategy?
H.H.S. Viswanathan
06 November 2015
It has been a cliché to refer to India and Africa as natural partners. With the recent India-Africa Summit in Delhi, there is a chance to make it a reality. But for this, concerted action is needed on the parts of the governments, private sectors, civil societies, think tanks, academics and the media on both sides.
Gun culture and US elections
Monish Tourangbam
05 November 2015
Will President Obama's passionate call for stricter gun laws from the pulpit bring any change, or will he go towards the sunset in 2016 with having done practically nothing on this issue?
Whoever wins, Bihar wins again
Sandeep Bamzai
05 November 2015
There is an element of Shakespeare in Bihar politics. It has over the last 40 years seen so many historical developments impacting national politics that the ongoing election will once again throw up a surprise.
Maldives: Where from here after emergency
N Sathiya Moorthy
05 November 2015
The question of the emergency-declaration by Maldives President Abdulla Yameen being a political ploy for the President if only to effect an across-the-board purge, needs even more convincing arguments than what former President Nasheed's MDP has now put forth.
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