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Iran's nuclear issue: A breakthrough in sight?
Ravi Joshi
01 October 2014
A significant thaw is happening in the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Once Saudi Arabia decides to mend its ties with Iran, the US should hardly have any reason to go on punishing Iran. In this scenario, it seems the resolution of Iran's nuclear negotiations is not far off.
PM Modi spells out his vision
Manoj Joshi
30 September 2014
Given the ground realities - where China's power exceeds ours by orders of magnitude - we need allies. That is where relationships with the US, Japan, ASEAN and Australia come in.
Cairns G-20 meeting: Can it help revive the global economy?
Geethanjali Nataraj and Richa Sekhani
30 September 2014
Several challenges and threats may hinder achieving two percent growth for the world economy. For instance, the plans of IMF and Central Bank to raise the interest rate are likely to result in wiping out efforts to achieve the target. Also the investment is witnessing lower volatility.
Can Ganga governance problems be engineered away?
Paula Hanasz
30 September 2014
There is no easy answer to the question of how best to balance all the competing water use priorities of the Ganga. But one thing is clear: as long as rivers are seen merely as pipes for conveying water, and challenges of distribution are addressed primarily through engineering rather than policy, then no solution will be appropriate.
Northeast's growing salience in regional diplomacy
K. Yhome
29 September 2014
That economic diplomacy through the Northeast has over-shadowed security-related concerns in India's regional diplomacy is a major departure from the past. Connectivity has been identified as a priority area of the Modi government.
Xi's visit to Maldives: Should India worry?
N. Sathiya Moorthy
29 September 2014
Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit and accompanying independent agreements with Maldives and Sri Lanka, on undefined maritime issues and cooperation, have the potential for causing greater concern not only in India, but in the shared neighbourhood and beyond.
A turbulent beginning to a new phase in Afghanistan
Aryaman Bhatnagar
26 September 2014
A lack of legitimacy of the new leadership in Kabul in the eyes of the Afghan public could pose potential problems for it at a time when it is confronted with a number of challenges. This could be exploited by the Taliban as well.
New Delhi has to be prepared for new Pakistan-based jihadi threats
Vikram Sood
26 September 2014
The threat to India and Indian interests will still come from Pakistan-based terrorist forces. The name of the terrorist regiment or the colour of its uniform is not important. Conceivably, the first test for the Modi government will be in Afghanistan.
Modi's US visit and Indian nuclear conundrum
Kaveri Ashok
26 September 2014
The question remains as to how the Modi government will choose to address nuclear liability issue, balancing both the supplier and the domestic concerns. Dilution of the Liability Act is not an option, which is an important lesson learnt globally.
Sri Lanka: Moving away from bottom-trawling still the way out for TN fishers?
N Sathiya Moorthy
26 September 2014
The much-publicised first round of the officials-level talks on resolving the India-Sri Lanka fishing issue has ended up as a non-starter. However, hopes still cannot be ruled out for a possible, if not early, solution.
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