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The Pakistani army planning something against India
Wilson John
08 May 2015
It is not the first time that the Pakistan army has accused the R&AW of fomenting trouble in Pakistan. India should be cautious of what lies behind this seemingly sudden provocation. The Pakistan army prepares the ground for a major attack against India and its assets by raising the pitch of allegations to whip up public support at home. This has been the case in the past, including the Mumbai attacks of 2008.
West's old enemy is China's new friend
Himani Pant
07 May 2015
Though China has gained from the Ukraine crisis, the present situation also places China in a diplomatic bind. A strong proponent of the absolute nature of sovereignty, it does not support separatist movements.
Indian leadership on climate change: Punching above its weight
Samir Saran and Vivan Sharan
07 May 2015
In addition to the efforts directed toward coping with and adapting to climate impacts (e.g., recent floods in Kashmir and monsoon failure in 2014), India is also "punching above its weight" on mitigation.
Still awaiting achche din
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
06 May 2015
A year is a lifetime in an intensely contested, democratic polity. This is why the government must squeeze out the "fat" in the system whilst planning for the future. Given the head winds building up, it is critical for the government's longevity to redeem its compact with voters by delivering real, near-term, fiscally neutral improvements in consumer welfare.
President in Russia
C. Raja Mohan
05 May 2015
The Indian President's presence at the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in World War II in Russia on May 9 is in part about extending New Delhi's solidarity with Moscow at a time when many Western leaders have decided not to show up in protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin's policy in Ukraine.
Will Germany's Bundestag vote for Palestine?
Sam Bahour
01 May 2015
One way or the other, Germany's Bundestag is about to make history with the upcoming vote on the issue of recognising Palestinian statehood. The Bundestag has a choice to make. It can continue looking backwards in history on this issue and ignore its leading role in securing peace in the Middle East, or it can courageously look forward, maybe even recognising something it owes history.
MDP's 'May Day' call, now again to India
N Sathiya Moorthy
30 April 2015
Combined with the Maldives government's demonstrated preparations for a face-off, the tone and tenor of the Opposition's preparations for the May Day rally, and their call for the civil society to chip in, indicate a possible repeat of the 'December 23 movement' protests (2011-12) that led to President Nasheed's exit.
Modi shines on world stage, labours at home
Samir Saran
30 April 2015
The Government's honeymoon is perhaps already over and realistically it has another 6 to 12 months to start putting flesh on the bare-bone schemes and ideas announced this past year. If these do not eventuate, one may well witness emptier stadiums abroad and hear shriller voices at home.
The Af-Pak map is about to get a make over
Vikram Sood
29 April 2015
It would be a mistake to assume that the US has changed its policy towards the region. It may have changed its style or the way it wishes to handle India and Pakistan but not its overall interests. The US wants to have a stronger presence in India without losing the hold it has on the military rulers in Pakistan.
Nepal earthquake: Women's special role in disaster management
Nishtha Gautam & Vidisha Mishra
28 April 2015
The quick succession of large-scale natural calamities has highlighted the shortcomings in our disaster management and rehabilitation strategies at the national and state levels. Quite often, women's role and potential in disaster management and disaster risk reduction is overlooked.
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