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A paean for peons
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
24 September 2015
Low-skill jobs will be eventually outsourced, once government decides to restructure the public workplace. But till that happens, the rusted public sector "steel frame" will be held together by highly over-specified, grade C peons ? the "nuts and bolts" of the government.
Time to call Pakistan's bluff
Deepak Sinha
24 September 2015
That Pakistan continues on its path of confrontation with India and its nuclear blackmail clearly indicates that its ambitions are not just restricted to the 'liberation' of Kashmir, but that it sees itself as the true and legitimate inheritor of the Muslim sultanate and the Mughal empire.
Sending message to China, Vietnam further strengthens ties with Japan
Vindu Mai Chotani
24 September 2015
Vietnam Communist Party Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong recently paid a four-day visit to Japan. He held official talks with Prime Minister Shizo Abe and met the Emperor. From the joint statement released after the visit, it can be seen that progress has once again been made in defence and security relations, as well as economic relations.
Do we have the right environment to attract FDIs
Sandeep Bamzai
23 September 2015
As the prime minister has embarked on another foreign tour seeking to attract foreign invest, we should look at the business environment in the country. Do we have the right environment for FDIs? Investment isn't a one way street, but a two way street. The investor wants secure guarantees and India doesn't believe in giving any.
Sri Lanka: TN resolution not in sync with ground-level political realities
N Sathiya Moorthy
22 September 2015
The Tamil Nadu Assembly's recent Resolution on the 'accountability issues' in Sri Lanka does not seem to be in sync with the prevailing mood and methods of the socio-political majority among the Tamils in that nation. Instead, it may be away from the script the Tamil National Alliance has been writing since the January presidential polls.
Regulating the regulators
N.K. Singh
22 September 2015
As liberalization proceeds further, the need for structured institutional mechanisms becomes compelling.
Japan's expanding military role: A stabilising factor
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
21 September 2015
Japanese Parliament recently passed two security laws aiming to normalise the nation, marking another shift from the post-World War II pacifism. In the face of an aggressive China and a belligerent North Korea, Japan has been compelled to shed its pacifist posture and develop capabilities that are in tune with the new realities.
A new multilateralism
C. Raja Mohan
21 September 2015
The world is probably ready to accommodate India's special interests on important global issues as climate change and internet governance if Modi moves Delhi down the path of pragmatic multilateralism. For the PM though, the challenge is really at home, where getting the system to reform itself has not been easy.
Financial dinosaur which needs freeing
Sandeep Bamzai
21 September 2015
The Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India, a dinosaur of the past, is sitting on a treasure trove that for some strange reason nobody wants to nudge or disturb. At different times over the last year and a half, the value of these SUUTI holdings has been between Rs 55,000 to Rs 62,000 crore.
The other crisis of Europe
Himani Pant
19 September 2015
Already struggling with the Eurozone crisis, the European Union is now in the midst of a serious refugee crisis, the gravity of which is no less. It adds to EU's problems because it is extremely difficult to differentiate between economic migrants and refugees who use the same means to reach Europe.
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