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With urbanisation, a new breed of politician is set to dominate Indian governance
Manoj Joshi
21 March 2014
The politics of India is changing. The change will come not just through macro measures like the introduction of large-scale manufacturing or modern agriculture, but in a number of small ways - better schools, safer cities, better urban facilities, mental institutions and jails, fairer purvey of justice and so on.
Pinning hopes on the next PM
Jayshree Sengupta
21 March 2014
Why has the UPA been so ineffective in pushing GDP growth in its second term? Why has it not been able to tame inflation? Looking back, it was the three stimulus packages that the UPA government gave that was responsible for much of what is wrong today.
South China Sea: Beijing's 'Salami Slicing' strategy
Darshana M. Baruah
21 March 2014
The South China Sea is seeing increasing tension amongst the claimants. The Second Thomas Shoal is the latest addition to Beijing's 'Salami Slicing' strategy of slowly acquiring small reefs and islands to consolidate its contested claim.
US mistakes: Will Ukraine be the next?
Vikram Sood
20 March 2014
It is said of the US that it comes to the right course of action after making all the mistakes. Unfortunately, it is others who end up paying the real price. And that includes Pakistan too. Ukraine looks to be the next candidate.
Whatever happened to MH370?
Vikram Sood
20 March 2014
The MH370 incident has occurred very close to our Tri-service Command at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands which has three radar stations. Regardless of whether or not MH370 actually flew over or close to the Command, it would doubtless be useful to learn lessons from this and that switching off radars at night is a dangerous way to economise.
No splinternet
C. Raja Mohan
19 March 2014
India's challenges in negotiating a new framework for internet governance do not lend themselves to the old clichés of Indian diplomacy. Instead, India must strive to find the appropriate balance between the multiple antinomies that define the debate.
Obama's 'reset' button with Russia jammed beyond repair?
Uma Purushothaman
18 March 2014
In the end, every great power will have to accept the spheres of influence or "special interest zones" of other powers so that there are no clashes in interests. The world will have to adjust to polycentricism and to big powers occasionally rubbing against each other, even if there are no hot conflicts.
Putin gives lessons in world politics
Manoj Joshi
18 March 2014
The US would be foolish to deepen the new Cold War atmosphere by trying to isolate Russia over Ukraine developments. As for China, that option is simply not open to them any more. The reason is that the Americans need cooperation from Moscow to deal with Syria, Iran and Afghanistan.
Maldives: EC crisis ends, polls as scheduled
N Sathiya Moorthy
15 March 2014
After managing well the crisis over the Election Commission in Maldives, the government now will have to initiate legal and political measures to institutionalise facilitating mechanisms for smooth transition. Again, the initiative would lie with President Yameen.
Break down the barriers to trade in South Asia
Abhirup Bhunia and Geethanjali Nataraj
14 March 2014
Enabling greater free trade and removing NTBs should be undertaken with the goal of not just regional integration and growth but also development of communities, employment and poverty alleviation across South Asia.
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