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Border infrastructure: Time to put rail tracks on track
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
10 July 2014
The slow pace of rail track construction in India is a total contrast to the development across the border. China has already built a 1142 km-long electrified railway line from Golmud to Lhasa. Now it has plans to extend it to Shigatze and Yatung, reaching almost Nathu La pass.
2014-15 Budget: A look through graphs
Prashant Kumar, Tanoubi Ngangom and Sanat Kapur
10 July 2014
Here is a look at the 2014-15 Budget, presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely, through a series of graphs on allocations to various key sectors from the time of the previous NDA government.
Chinese diaspora
C. Raja Mohan
09 July 2014
As ancient and highly populated regions, China and the Indian subcontinent have for long shaped global migration patterns. But, unlike Delhi, which has had to deal with diaspora issues ever since Independence, Beijing's problems have just begun.
Abe's decision could mark a turning point in security policy
K.V. Kesavan
09 July 2014
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's recent decision to reinterpret the Japanese constitution to exercise the right of collective self-defence is truly significant and could mark a turning point in Japan's security policy in the coming years.
The fallacy of Govt's tobacco taxation
Prashant Kumar
09 July 2014
The skewed tobacco taxation policy, far removed from a reality based understanding of the tobacco consumption and economics, is not helping the government achieve any goals. It is perhaps due to either a strong lobby, or the desire to protect 36 million beedi workers or just bad strategy.
Why The New York Times is wrong
Arka Biswas
08 July 2014
The allegation of Indian expansion of its uranium enrichment facilities is based on a report released by IHS Jane's, which has already been dismissed by both the US and the Indian governments as speculative. Indeed, the IHS Jane's report merely identifies a "possible" new uranium hexafluoride plant.
How central planning has groomed China
Manoj Joshi
08 July 2014
In 1990, China's GDP was roughly the same as India's and parts of its infrastructure, such as its railway system, were considered inferior. Today, China's GDP is around $9 trillion and India's is $2 trillion. The high speed train travelling at 300 kph from Shanghai to Beijing signals the extent to which China had pulled away from India.
In defence of 100 per cent FDI
Abhijit Iyer-Mitra
08 July 2014
The issue of 100 per cent foreign direct investment in defence keeps getting muddied by the day, with various industry bodies such as the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry apparently flip-flopping on an hourly basis.
Delhi and the diaspora
C. Raja Mohan
08 July 2014
As New Delhi intensifies the effort to bring many others home after the successful evacuation of Kerala nurses, Prime Minister Narendra Modi must create a strong institutional framework to cope effectively with the recurrent crises involving Indian citizens abroad.
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and the rise of the ISIS
Kanchi Gupta
07 July 2014
Baghdadi, who has led the ISIS since 2010, has acquired significant financial and military power and influence among Sunni foreign fighters. But the ISIS's violent and extremist methods have alienated Sunni militias and Baghdadi's unwillingness to share power is likely to limit the group's territorial expansion.
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